Monday, 2 April 2012

A Day

Courtesy: Erwyn Van Der Meer/Flickr

The breaking of a gold'n dawn,
Shrouds all in its loveliness,
Happiness mirrored in those amber irises,
a poignant sentiment unseen in crisis.

       The golden arrows dispelling the darkened meadows
       and light chasing away the shadows;
       Like this morn comes in its glory,
       just leaving us staring in awe.

The morning gives way to Even,
The evening finally gives way to the Lady Dark,
And the blazing orb which once was giving us its warmth,
Now hangs all cool condensed, like a silvery medallion,
On Night's beautiful throat.

        Such is the transition, such is the beauty
        Ephemeral, Eloquent and Elusive.
        It happens everyday yet seldom do we see,
        Or wait to admire nature reigning supreme, 
        The image is capricious,
        Don't try to capture it,
        And one more day is over,
        Have you ever realized it!?

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