Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Know Thyself and Fear Not

“All men dream- but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” 
                         -T.E. Lawrence

It is true when they say that there is nothing faster than the flight of one’s imagination. And so I make most use of it during times whenever I get into my writing mode. Many times I even forget the original thought; just that in the ever changing present moment I enjoy sensing everything I come in contact with; I become this creature that finds pure delight in physical sensations, in the pleasure of the five senses which unite in explosion in my mind. This feeling of the oneness of mind, body and spirit is a moment of stillness, where we realize that we are a freely flowing spirit of energy moving through this life shaping, creating, transforming things and filling this world by our magical intelligence. It is only during such moments of utter calm that we can begin to understand the forces at work all around us. 

You would acknowledge what was there in the recesses of your mind for what was latent would surface and reveal to you its holy face and you would finally see who you are.

 Like a password it unlocks for us the wonders that were hidden in the potential of our Being. Things click into place and a glow of complete satisfaction manifests itself on our countenance. But this contentment is transitory or ephemeral if you will and is always half or perhaps even less than half of its own capacity, reason being that dreams are figments of our fancy and will always remain their own untouchable self until backed by work because “Work is Real and Work is the Effort and Fruit made Tangible.”

The transient nature of the serenity provided to us by the vision of our naked spirit is because the warmth filled cold fingers of Reality brush it aside the moment we open our eyes. The second our eyes behold the current state of affairs and the mind grasps what we have done about it in our present reality of the life given to us, the unsettling sensation of fear sits inside our guts.

In two ways this fear can be dealt with. Two kinds of people deal with it in their two ways. The Brave and the Weak overcome and succumb respectively. The Brave wake up on feeling the cold fingertips and work, and that is how they feel the eventual warmth seeping in and filling their lives with prosperity.

The weak procrastinate and live forever in the hope of the Dream yet to be realized.

When I thought about how we procrastinate due to fear of the inevitable unknown, these thoughts came to me:

"'Fear' is deep inside us-
A rein controlled by our very own selves 
to halt In mid-stride or even before the first step is taken towards the vision
 We have yet to turn into reality.
A foe in the guise of a friend, 
patiently biding its time to withhold us from moving forward
'Fear' should never be feared.
Those who befriend it, bask in the illusion of a luxury that offers you countless moments at your disposal-
‘Pearls lost never to be found again’
Those are the ones who actually fear ‘Fear’ and feign its absence by giving in to the inhibitions it produces.”

Shalom :)

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