Saturday, 8 December 2012

The God Delusion: Review

This is a must read book. Interesting from the very beginning, there are parts where a person might get bored but it gets totally gripping especially in its later half and one will be I am sure unable to put it down. This book is a liberation from the creepy constantly 'being watched over' feeling by a supernatural being who keeps track of your activities and pronounces judgement and sentences like an absolute despot.

Baptized as a Roman Catholic, my upbringing had been in a typical Catholic way following the four main truths, the precepts of the church and obviously the ten-commandments complete with Catechism classes, tests, exams to pass and not to forget the compulsory attendance in church for mass and rosaries. It all looked beautiful in the beginning, the hymns still move and touch a deep part of me, the wait for Advent, fasting in Lent and I enjoy Christmas (even more so than Easter, despite Easter being the festival of a more significance to the Christian Faith) for the sparkle of love and festivity it joyously brings into our lives. There is so much more to this religion and I love it mostly, rather ONLY because of Christ, His teachings and his sense of justice and spirit of doing Good that took precedence over all old, outdated and illogical beliefs reverently followed from the time of Moses and perhaps even before that by the Pharisees and all the people of those times. For me even if Jesus is no God, it does not matter. He certainly was a Man who tried his best to preach common sense and gave lovely ways to live a peaceful life to the people. And I certainly admire Him for that.

For a 'Staunch Believer' reading a book like ‘The God Delusion’ or any other book of such a type which tells you about the non- existence of a God, whom we have been from the very childhood reared and made to believe in 'Deeply and Painfully Hurts a person's sentimentality.' Naturellement! It is like Someone has made you to look and realize that your favourite and most cherished dream was after all a Dream, just a figment of your mind's eye or a bubble that will burst with the slightest prick of Rationality; it is like that moment when someone tells you that your ‘Best Friend’ had been cheating on you all this time and despite the very convincing proofs this well-wisher is showing you and doing his best to make you see the truth of the matter instead of ‘making you simply believe in a belief’ your first instinct still is a complete disbelief in the overwhelming evidence. It’s a terribly frightening moment because a part of your brain actually registers and perhaps accepts the Truth but there’s another part that shouts how listening to this ‘well-wisher’ will make you lose your Best Friend and how you will have no comfort, no confidant/confidante, no friend and guide to go to and tell you that you're loved, that your prayers are heard, will be fulfilled and mayhap you will not rot in the eternal fires of Hell. 

God has over eons assumed such a natural place in our life’s fabric that when we are told about his non-existence and pointed out the flaws of a religion and its story one cannot help but feel kind of let down and ashamed to have been so foolish, short sighted and unthinking to have never questioned it’s authenticity and validity because man is primarily a ‘thinking being’.  To not use our brain is an insult to our person. There are two ways in which I think one can deal with this crisis. Either one can act aggrieved, aggravated, and become a religious fanatic ready to go to war and kill millions in the name of so called "Peace", or graciously accept the logical and scientifically proven FACTS and live his/her life worthy of being called ‘Human’.

Like Rickard Dawkins so clearly proved in this book, Morality is already in us, it is the ‘selfish consciousness’ that has kept us alive and has aided us to survive this far. So I’d suggest we make use of our rational faculties and easily skip the middleman that is 'God'.

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  1. Liked the philosophy behind book and so ur interpretation. Shall go through it...