Friday, 7 June 2013


Girl with rain, thunder and lightning in her hand
Courtesy: Kathryn/Creative Commons/Flickr

It rained yesterday.
I couldn’t help but fall in love again.
I mean how can one just remain cooped inside and not go out when the sky has turned Grey?
I did just that. I went out and I stood outside in the balcony and I watched my God paint the sky Grey.
There is something so deeply liberating about a grey sky. The moment it turns grey, it gives me Hope that it will rain, it fills me with the assurance that the winds will mayhap blow and move between the Heavens and Earth, it instills a presage that maybe the sun won’t shine too hot in my eyes and that my scorched skin will be embalmed in Grey’s comforting veil.

mist covered window with grey written

I like GREY very much
It makes me think of the sky
Sky up in the Skies above so high!
Stop! That’s the same thing.

I like Grey
I like Grey very much
It’s a nice colour, a healing hue-
“Healing Hue” Now that has a nice ring to it!
I like the soothing way it gently slides into my eyes,
And then goes up and slides again mantle like upon my eyelids and closes them and encloses them
And then flows, caressing my cheeks
And then I taste it and it tastes refreshing, don’t you think?
I wonder why people link it up with gloom or doom or somebody marooned,

To me, Grey is a happy colour,
It brings rains after all, and
It purges the soul and cleans the air
How can it not be a symbol of the blithe, of the living and the alive?

I like it
I like it very much
It reminds me of winters and monsoons
Of their warmth and cool
Of a frozen sunrise and hot tea
Of a wet sunset and dry bed

Sometimes, my world also becomes Grey
Blacks and whites are hard to find
We can’t live an absolute life, can we?
Our life is Grey after all,
Is Grey dirty?
Does it need to be washed and dried and spread in the sky to soak up the sun?
I reflect
I ponder
And I wonder if a time will come when we shall transcend this grey
And be all white,
And then perchance everything will be alright?

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